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78 Kings Cross Road - London, England
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anonymous, China - Jul 03, 2016
8 beds room is a little bit crowded
Mariela, Italy - Mar 20, 2015
Excellent hostel!!! I will come back... thank you all staff!!!
Sandra, Germany - Mar 04, 2015
Everything was fine! It was very clean and hygenic. The 12-person-rooms are not the biggest but you still have enough privacy.
Blandine, Germany - Jun 13, 2014
It was a good place to stay but too expensiv .The rooms to small no ventilation never quiet at night
Seow Hwee, Singapore - Jun 09, 2014
This hostel is perfect - except for no wifi in rooms and that you have to be careful with closing the dorm door cos it slams shut and u dont want to disturb the rest.

Location was perfect (10min walk from king cross), bed and pillow were very very comfy, clean sheets and towel. the showers are so clean omg and good water pressure with hairdryer. Room access needs key card so it is very safe!!

Stay here, you wont regret it and you will end up loving it!!!

Johanna, Sweden - Apr 21, 2014
Everything was great and we enjoyed our stay. Exept for the shower rooms. They where not so pleasant. The floor around the well was dirty and some had green stuff around them!

And the quiet after what ever time it was did not work at all. Peoples where running and screaming in the hallway and no one did anything about it.

Except for that we enjoyed our stay. The room were cute and the staff was amazingly helpful.

Laura, France - Jun 25, 2013
I was very happy with my stay at the Clink, as always, the Staff was so great on our arrival ! Thanks you !
Marloes, Netherlands - Jan 08, 2013
Best hostel i ve been so far!! very nice staff, great location and a nice bar!
Gergely, Hungary - Oct 27, 2012
The room was clean but very small and simple. I think that some shelves on the wall would be very useful and it would not be a big investment.

The staff was very friendly and helpful.

We really enjoyed the stay in the Clink.

Milcho, Bulgaria - Oct 03, 2012
Excellent transport conditions by bus,tube or train!

The included "all you can eat" breakfast is coffee,bread,jam and butter.

In 21th century 3 Pound for wifi is a charge!

Nice kitchen for cooking and fun,the bar is cool!

Anastasia, Russia - Sep 04, 2012
That`s a perfect place for world travellers!!
Caroline, Sweden - Jul 03, 2012
Definitely an awesome hostel! Highly recommended :)
xavier, France - Jun 04, 2012
Very good place. Cool people
CHIAO - YI, Taiwan - May 18, 2012
just the bath water is not so convenient and the light in room is so dark, others are good.
Alessandro, Italy - May 09, 2012
Good beds, good place and not very exopensive.
Ivona, Czech Republic - Mar 19, 2012
Hi there :-)

Very interesting bulding, nicely used.The position easy to find, perfect connections for us. The reception desk staff fabulous only we were told to move to the other room in the middle of our breakfast by the kitchen member which we refussed. I understand that breakfast does finish at 10am but is it necesary to disturbe the guests who are

still eating and came early enough. Also there was not hot water when we need it and the smeel at the toilet was very unpleasant. The space under each door doesn't give you enough privacy and we were woken up by other guests who came back to the room late night and were loudly talking in the coridor. I think everybody should be said personaly at the desk about this problem even it's written there on the wall. Over all we did enjoy our stay and thank you :-)

Laura, France - Feb 07, 2012
I think that Clinck 78 is one of the best places for students in London. It's not expenssive, clean, and the atmosphere is really really good. The clashbar is also a very good idea, me and my friends had so much fun !

I'll come back as soon as possible !

Maxime, France - Jan 03, 2012
I have been there 3 days and It´s a very good place to stay in London. It´s only 5 minutes walking from the KING CROSS station. It´s cheap and clean, there is also a bar with a very good ambient during the night. I advice you to go there !
Juan Patricio, Argentina - Jan 02, 2012
I friend of mine call it the hostel for snobby people. It's a big hostel, with a lot of rooms that you have to open with a key-card. The best part is the pub-restaurant and the breakfast included. The worst part is the few bathrooms for that quantity of rooms and their small size were there's no place to put your foots. Other bad thing is that if you want to use wifi you must pay aditional 5 pounds. Good idea the think of the private walls that has each bed.
JAIME, Mexico - Dec 31, 2011
The espace in the room is so reduced, but in general almost everything is ok!!!!
Taosheng, Taiwan - Dec 08, 2011
Price is fair and location is acceptable. I lived in underground dorm room and it is pretty cold.
anisoara, Romania - Nov 17, 2011
Clink78 is a funny place,near center of London,with friendly staff and a very nice atmosphere.Certainly we will be back with pleasure.


Linlin, China - Sep 13, 2011
Nice and interesting place,very stylish.
Loïc, France - Jul 20, 2011
my journey is this hostel was pretty good. There are many nationalities (Italian, spanish, australian, americain and french). The crasy bar" was very cool, a little expensive but less than london.
Bettina Karina , Denmark - Jul 08, 2011
We had a cellroom, so there was no window, and no aircondition, so it was always hot in our room. The other things was great.
Luca, Italy - Jun 20, 2011
more shower, please!
Cristiana, USA - Jun 14, 2011
My 4 friends and I loved Clink! Our 10 bed room was quite spacious and we loved how the beds had little private spaces for each of us. The staff was very friendly and helpful, especially to us since we had never stayed in a hostel before. I would recommend Clink in a heartbeat! And also it was in a great location since it's in Zone 1 of London, if you're looking to sightsee you only have to get a zone 1 and 2 pass so you save money!
Patrick, Germany - May 24, 2011
4-bed dorm room quite small, but sufficient. door locks very loud. showers/toilets clean and always available, no waiting.

good price/performance ratio!!!

We would book it again!

Yukako, Japan - May 18, 2011
the staffs are friendly. the atomosphier is good.

it's close to station of eurostar (can go there by walk).

Mihoko, Japan - Mar 31, 2011
The staff were very nice and friendly, and the rooms were rather clean. However, the place is so big that you have trouble finding your rooms at first, and the second story beds are a bit dangerous, as they are very high. Very close to the Kings Cross and St. Pancreas, but quite far from the main tourism locations if you prefer to walk. The shower a bit difficult to use.
Sören, Germany - Mar 02, 2011
We stay in the hostel with 4 persons for three nights.

We booked a six bedroom without a bath. In the hostel we only geht a eight bedroom but with a bath. So it was okay.

Our room, the hostel and the kitchen was very clean!

The location ist very good.

The reason for only 50 points for the fun factor are the following.

It is not allowed to drink any alkoholic drinks in the hostel. So you can´t buy beer or other things and drink it in your room, kitchen or anywhere else. The staff said, you can´t do this because they have a bar license.

So if you want your own drinks, choose another hostel!!

But you can buy drinks at the bar, which is not very cheap. So you better can go in a pub!

Another thing ist, hat the kitchen is closed from 10 to 1. if you don´t go to the breakfast you can´t make your own breakfast between 10 - 1!

Generally the hostel was quite good and i can recommend it!

Letteria, Italy - Jan 05, 2011
A very cool place. If you are young and reliable that's ok. Clink is in a very good and central position. I was in a cell room basic with my friend. Baths and showers very clean, a good breakfast and a very nice atmosphere!
Athene, Denmark - Aug 25, 2010
It was just fine. My first stay at a hostel, it was ok. Easily there could have been changes to the room so it would have been better, but ok. thanks.
Bonny, Australia - Jul 09, 2010
Staff really friendly. Clenliness fine. Location wise I would only stay here if i had to get to kings cross station - about a 5 min walk from the hostel. We had 4 in a 4 bed dorm and literally thats all there a closet and with 4 backpacks and a 1x1,5m space it was difficult to pack up or just get organised in general and our room had the one big window which backed onto a sidewalk between the neighbouring unit complex where there was men walking past during the night spitting and then woman yelling at the children etc. Overall happy with the hostel
Arto, Finland - Jun 12, 2010
Things work quite well. I don´t have any complaints.
Domonic, England - Jun 08, 2010
Great for the price, but still, I have seen better.

Comfy beds, and staff were helpful and polite.

Gutted we couldnt ake own booze in as bar was dear. But for a tenner a night, great.

fernanda, Mexico - May 19, 2010
the hostel is great, really nice place, clean, the position is good with a metro station nearby. London is a very large city, so you will have to buy the underground ticket day anyway so it doesn´t matter if the hostel is downtown.

It includes breakfast, you can leave your lugagge and the atmosphere is great, just young people ..and there´s a bar in the hostel!

Luisa, Italy - May 19, 2010
nice staff, clean and in a good position near king cross station with a lot of underground lines. I'll come back for sure!!!
Vedran, Macedonia - May 18, 2010
overall it was great stay, i really liked it. the windows to the street should be more sound proof and there should be a house rule about noise after was hard sleeping on the ground floor with the noise comming from the street and some girls who were running and screaming at 4 in the morning
Reon, Netherlands - May 03, 2010
Good hostel for a good price,

Anne, France - Apr 20, 2010
A great pleace to stay clean well located, people are so nice!!! The only negative point will be that parties on the bar are not the most attractives ones. Just Go and met friends and ENJOY!
Yui Tai, Hong Kong - Apr 16, 2010
The space is quite tight for shared room, and actually no ventilation within the room in basement. Some bulbs over beds are not working. However, it is a good choice given the low price for a a few days.
Tomonori, Japan - Mar 21, 2010
what a fucki'n hostel!! the stuff are rude. There are no toilet-paper in the rest room. The bathroom are very small and dirty. And atmosphire are not very good. If you want to travel without bad memory, you should not choose this hostel.
Juliana, Luxembourg - Feb 03, 2010
Great location and friendly staff and guests!

Marco, Italy - Dec 01, 2009
really small bedrooms
Miguel, Spain - Sep 27, 2009
Good place to stay in London in a central location, the subway station is very close.

The staff is friendly but it was very crowded so did not have the time for everyone.

The pub downstairs is nice and noisy if you stay in the ground floor.

But everything else was good, a good choice for backpackers!

Elin, Sweden - Aug 11, 2009
Beware of the so called cell rooms. They sell them as "private rooms", but they are NOT private. You are not able to lock, or even shut, the door (because then you are locked in). In advertisement they describe these rooms as a funny thing, because they are really once for prisoners, but it´s not funny to find that you have payed for a private room when in fact you sleep in a corridor with other people, only separated by wide open doors. It´s noisy and no air ventilation att all, and of course you are not able to open a window...

This is a hostel for people up to 20. If you are 25 or more, you´ll probably find the place a bit childish.

Johan, Belgium - Aug 04, 2009
We have come a few times to this hostel! Each time it was a pleasant stay. Price quality is super good. Definitely recommended!
Andrew, USA - Jul 31, 2009
fun place. nice bar. colorful walls. very safe. only complaint is that my bed was near window in direct path of sun and i was awakened very early both mornings. they should get curtains. room 242
max, Germany - Jun 28, 2009
-reliability airport transport ?

-rooms in basement to loud - bar-

-reception stuff answer to often with I dont know or give incorrect advice ig. bar closes at 2

-nevertheless it was not to bad and i liked the building and the concept.