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Hostel Blue Planet

5 Rue Hector Malot - Paris, France
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Nicolas, France - Nov 06, 2017
Change your beds !
anonymous, USA - Oct 15, 2017
I would not recommend this hostel to anyone. No wifi, extremely dirty, and paper thin walls so I could not sleep. Horrible.
Biswajeet, India - Sep 10, 2017
The place is Ok for one night. Breakfast is not very good.
anonymous, Australia - Aug 29, 2017
I did choose this hostel due to the fact it was the cheapest that was close to the city centre, but I've paid less and gotten more at other hostels. This hostel felt very impersonal. The breakfast definitely could've been better than a vending machine, it's Paris there is access to freshly baked food everywhere. I felt as though the security wasn't great, with only one proper key per room that you had to leave when you left the hostel (not just check out, any time you leave). Some maintenance also needed doing as the bathroom door in my room wouldn't shut properly.
anonymous, Romania - Aug 17, 2017
Great location, hostel was ok, just that there is only one plug in to charge things and it´s very high on the wall, next to the ceiling, you need to leave room from 11:00 to 13:00 for cleaning purposes .
anonymous, USA - Jul 20, 2017
It is not clean. There is only one toilet and one shower per floor...both of which are terribly dirty.

They only accept cash payment but that wasn't explained on the website when I made the reservation. It's a deception.

Beatriz, Brazil - Jul 08, 2017
Terrible.I do not know why I was deceived more by the site or by the hostel.I made a reservation for 3 nights in Paris, and the website offered me half the price, I arrive in Paris and the attendant charges me twice the price.I was treated rudely, disrespected, and I had to stay there because I do not speak English well, I do not speak French very well, I did not even know Paris.I felt hurt, and I had no one to complain about.I do not tell anyone.I question the method of evaluation of this site that leads to the error.

Maximum of 100 and minimum of 10, and for those who do not know, 10 can be a good evaluation

anonymous, Italy - Jun 08, 2017
dirty common shower and bedroom. no sink in the common bathroom and the sink in the bedroom was leaking hence we could not use it. we had water on the floor that leaked out from the sink.
Steve, England - Jun 03, 2017
My only negative comment would be that the managements ruling of people over 35 must take a single room and not allowed in dorms, is unfair and ageist. I don't understand why older people should be penalised like that. Otherwise it's a great place with great staff and in an ideal location.
ALEXANDRE, France - Jun 03, 2017
Hello, everyone traveller coule obtain great holiday stat, just have a nice tea on jour breakfast.

Great value


Angelo, Guatemala - May 17, 2017
Its the worst Hostel ever! The location is great! but as far with the hostel and the staff is a joke ; they have this stupid rule of going out of the room at 11 am and dont come back till 3 oclock because of ''cleaning'' and the staff is very rude and assholes so if u like dick places go there
anonymous, Australia - Apr 17, 2017
Was nice having a 2 bed female dorm. No sink near the toilet which was annoying/unhygienic. Good location close to a central train station.
Aliya, Kazakhstan - Apr 16, 2017
It was better than I expected. No bugs, no dirty sheets. Wi-Fi works on the first floor, breakfast is free. Just enough if you need a cheap option to spend a couple of nights. A very good location
anonymous, Brazil - Apr 10, 2017
The staff was helpful and the room was clean. However, the outside toilet doesn't have a sink and I found it expensive compared to more comfortable hostels in the center of the city.
anonymous, Germany - Mar 28, 2017
Use this hostel only for a night. Hygiene is not very high! Don't forget to ask for linen if they don't offer them to you!
anonymous, Germany - Mar 17, 2017
The rooms were nice but the showers and toilets were unfortunately not usable in the evening or in the morning because of poor hygiene. It is OK for a one-night stay only.
anonymous, USA - Mar 13, 2017
You are paying for the location and that's about it.The rooms are bare bones but that is to be expected when paying only 22€ a night. The room I stayed in only had one outlet (which did not work). This is also no internet and the floor bathroom are not well kept up. Two were flooded and a third was really unclean. So I had to go up 4 floors in order to use a clean bathroom. The staff was very friendly though.
anonymous, USA - Mar 10, 2017
Only one key per room?

Poor bathing conditions.

Staff are not very friendly.

Jose , Colombia - Nov 28, 2016
Dirty not nice staff and charged me a 3 euro to my credit cards without telling me
anonymous, Italy - Nov 20, 2016
Not a good place to stay. A little dangerous. The posituon is ok, near gare de Lyon, but you have to be careful of thiefs leaving in the structure.
anonymous, Italy - Nov 20, 2016
Not the best place to stay. There 's a lot of strange people including thiefs. The staff is not able to reach people and control the situation and also seems not to care about that point. It'sI economic but I suggest not to book in that structure
anonymous, Philippines - Nov 16, 2016
This hostel stinks, very bad staff who are rude to customers particularly the bald guy. No elevators, you have to climb 5 stairs with luggage. And they didnt tell you that when you book. Never stay here.
anonymous, USA - Nov 14, 2016
Worst hostel I've stayed in. Staff kick you out from 11-3 for cleaning (or later if they are cleaning slow)- out of the entire hostel, not just your room. Not good if you partied and wanted to sleep in or if you needed wifi and a space to sit without paying. Wifi is not free, 3 euro hourly. ONLY 1 KEY! 1 key for all occupants in shared room gets complicated quickly. Space in the hostel is cramped. Only 1 outlet per room. Better hostels in Paris for the money.
anonymous, Canada - Nov 07, 2016
This hostel was the worst I've stayed in during 5 months of travel. The blankets on the beds weren't washed. The bathroom was so dirty and the tiny showers were so gross I didn't even want to use it. One of the girls staying in my room had no pillow on her bed and they wouldn't give her one so she had to use her clothes as a pillow! The staff was rude, they advertise free wifi and breakfast but the wifi is only free to certain booking sight guests, and the breakfast is vending machine cakes which a small and stale. Overall a terrible hostel experience.
anonymous, France - Oct 14, 2016
The restroom are mixed,and it was discasting
farida, France - Oct 12, 2016
Simple hostel, nice but internet is a bit expensive
anonymous, Switzerland - Sep 30, 2016
The only good Thing about this Hostel was the distance to the "Gare de Lyon".

You have to pay for the Wifi, I think thats not appropriate today.

Sophie, England - Sep 26, 2016
I've rated this lowly because I asked if I could check in at 10pm and received NO reply. I therefore booked another hostel and didn't go - I am yet to receive a reply or a refund.
anonymous, USA - Sep 19, 2016
I personally had a great experience, because the host liked me. It was very very loud, no amenities (like towels, or sheets) and their "breakfast" isn't something I would have ever wanted to eat. You're not guaranteed to get very good sleep because if your roommates aren't all in the room, when you go to bed, you'll have to keep getting up to let them in.

However, for the price, It's worth it. I was honestly just grateful to have an affordable roof over my head.

anonymous, England - Sep 17, 2016
Manager very rude and aggressive to tired guests, and "breakfast included" means vending machines... It also smelt of toilets a lot of the time. However the location is excellent so I would recommend it to anyone who is travelling to Paris on a budget and only intends to sleep there.
anonymous, Morocco - Sep 06, 2016
Le personnelle de nuit s enfout de notre confort même la seule prise électrique dana la chambre de 4 personnes ne marche pas. Je ne recommande pas
farida, France - Aug 31, 2016
They charged for internet access and it's a bit expensive

It's always clean

farida, France - Aug 30, 2016
Very convenient,bed and breakfast, near gare de lyon station

older than others hostels in Paris

katherine, England - Aug 28, 2016
No problems with this hostel, lively staff, clean rooms, relaxed atmosphere & fantastic location. Just stayed 1 night with my 17 year old, I hope to visit again, thank you!
anonymous, Nepal - Aug 19, 2016
Though the hostel is close to the station. The hotel policy seems very odd and strange. They don't provide even bed linen with the basic booking price and every small items on request they charge extra which is NOT fair for the customers. Another strange, they provide only 1 key for all people in the dormitory room which makes annoying as people need to knock the door every time to get in.
Sandrine, Canada - Aug 13, 2016
Well situed hostel, pretty close to Paris-Gare de Lyon subway,the cheaper that you can find in Paris but without good kitchen facilities and really minimalist breakfast. The personnal is accomodating and helpful above all for cyclist (securised place to put your bike).The key system need to be improve. It's not really useful for the moment.
anonymous, Netherlands - Aug 04, 2016
Had a horrible night. Sheets were very dirty with hairs, crumbles and dust. Roommate had to leave at 3 am, so didn't get much sleep. Breakfast is neglectible, nothing fresh, all pre-packed stuff. No kitchen, no fridge, just one key per room... have seen better hostels.
anonymous, USA - Jul 30, 2016
There needs to be more than one bathroom or shower for the whole floor. As for the breakfast options, there should be more than a "vending machine".
anonymous, USA - Jul 30, 2016
The hostel was not clean. The rooms and the shared/common bathroom in the hostel was also not clean. You get what you pay for.
anonymous, Colombia - Jul 29, 2016
The place is horrible, bathrooms and beds are really dirty. Breakfast is just a couple of breads and coffee. Location is not bad though, i would recommend this place at all. It is worth it to pay more for a better place.
anonymous, Israel - Jul 26, 2016
A good party hostel in a walking distance from the city center and the party zones. At night we went out together maybe 12 people, most of us met in the room itself, so even if you come alone, you'll make friends.

However, the staff didn't let us even enter the hostel or to leave our bags before check-in at 13:00 - nor to leave our bags for free after check out at 10:00. And 10:00AM check out is a bit rough.

benzahaf, Algeria - Jul 19, 2016
Tentative de viol par taibi le receptionniste aucun respect envers les clients
anonymous, Argentina - Jul 01, 2016
stay away Id say. Or, you get what you are paying for. (barely a roof and a bed, NOTHING else)
anonymous, China - Jun 29, 2016
The Worst hostel that I have seen.
anonymous, USA - Jun 19, 2016
No Wifi, gross beds and bathroom, there was a woman sleeping on the floor of my room and the reception did nothing about it
NELSON ANDRES, Colombia - Jun 09, 2016
The staff are rude, I wouldn't stay there again.
anonymous, Netherlands - Jun 07, 2016
From what I'm used to at other hostels you can say this is clean. But only the showers could use a good cleaning. The staff is nice and friendly.
anonymous, USA - May 29, 2016
The location is nice but the wifi costs 3€ per hour and the key system is unreliable. There is only one key for each room even though you may be staying with strangers. I ended up leaving this hostel after one night and finding a new one. There is only one shower and one toilet per floor and two of them were broken at the time of my stay. The water in the shower never seemed to get hot and there is only one outlet in each room and it is practically on the ceiling. I would not recommend this hostel unless you plan to fill an entire room with people that you know. Also, breakfast consisted of one vending machine coin where you can get a packaged low quality pastry and a vending marching coffee. Also, even if you want to stay there for more than one night, you still must be out of your room (and all of your things must be out of your room) from 11-3 for cleaning. I would say that the staff is friendly enough but not very helpful. Security of this hostel is not very high. I think anybody could walk into the luggage room unnoticed if they wished.
anonymous, France - May 28, 2016
There is just 1 working, hot water shower in the hostel, for all the guests !!! And 1 toilet per stage...

This is not sufficient

anonymous, France - May 15, 2016
I spent a night there. The staff was so nice I like .

But during the night, LOTS OF NOISES . People are laughing in the stairs , I can't sleep