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BnB Mille e una notte

Via Pietro Novelli, Gibellina - Alcamo, Italy
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“Please, please, dear sister, tell us another like it while there is yet time to-night”.

Like Shahrazàd in “The Book of the Thousand Nights and One”, we have figured out this village as an inexhaustible narrator who can enchant travellers longing for emotions, colours, flavours, and landscapes; curious travellers looking for stories and details, who are eager to trace their own path getting lost in the textures - not only the urbanistic ones - of the labyrinths of such a village.

Gibellina is a great narrator; it is a chest of emotions and memories which are still buried under Burri's Cretto. It hides and holds the mistery and memory of the earthquake; it is a pot full of wonders of contemporary art with its museums and Mario Schifano's unique masterpieces; it is an always active workshop where Pietro Consagra, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Carla Accardi and a number of famous artists make hear their voices.
Mille e una notte welcome the travellers to a modern building, perfectly embedded in the architectural heritage of the village and give its guests what they need to make their journey unforgettable.