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Hostal Rivera Madrid

santa maria de la cabeza # 2 piso 1 puerta 3 - Madrid, Spain
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Iya, Belarus - Feb 11, 2020
We had a night flight and arrive at hostel at 1:30 am. Nobody opened. We were waiting for an hour. Nobody answered the phone, the door was locked. We also tried to wring the door - absolutely nothing. Indeed we had to spend the night at airport. Awful service!
anonymous, Poland - Apr 04, 2018
Hostel has an awful smell of cigarettes inside (even if it is prohibided) and is very old. There is one little bathroom for everyone and is not clean. It is very hot in all the rooms becouse there is a problem with air conditioning in the building. Some rooms has a view for an awful backyard. Beds are not comfortable and there is no (even little) space to put things. At least the hostel is situated in a great area, near all museums.
Domenico, Italy - Feb 20, 2018
For the position and the price, it was very very good! Suggested
anonymous, Guatemala - Sep 28, 2017
Even with the posts, smoking forbidden, I couldn't sleep because of the smell of cigarette... Bathrooms really small.. Location is really good, still a lot of noise.. Staff wasn't there... For the price is fine.
Zaneta, Czech Republic - Sep 19, 2015
very nice, clean and cheap hostel...Good location....Staff very welcoming and friendly...Thank you
Charlotte, Netherlands - Jan 19, 2015
The room was very small and the bathroom was okay. It is a cheap place, but not very nice. It is close to the city center, but the bathroom is very small. The walls of the room were very dirty and it looked old. Also the heating system was always on, so it was to hot during the night. It would not really recommend it to friends.
conghui, China - Sep 01, 2013
Basically this hostel is not bad, especially the lady, she doesn't speak english but she is very kind,

For this price, i recommend :)

Jan, Czech Republic - Oct 21, 2012
Good located, this hostel makes your stay flexible, but with the price of beeing almost without any privacy. There is old couple living in a small room, having all the time opened doors. There is a tiny toilet, close to the owner´s room, also most of the time opened. No entrance allowed in kitchen.
luis , Mexico - Aug 01, 2012
Excellent location!
Maria, Russia - Jul 31, 2012
Renata, Brazil - Feb 07, 2012
The hostel is good, the location is nice and the staff is nice but in the corridors smell of cigarette (a lot!). And the bedrooms is not very hot. If you don't care about the smell I recomend this hostel.
Katrien, Belgium - Nov 04, 2011
It's on the corner of 2 big streets, very noizy!! Diden't sleep a lot. Very friendly hostess. Not too far from the city centre (20 min. walk). Okay for the price they ask.
Lisa, Germany - Aug 21, 2011
Clean sheets and towels, staff is friendly and helpful.

The location is very centered and a good basis for visiting all of the sights Madrid has to offer. That´s why it might be a little noisy sometimes. (Spanish life!)

The Metrostation is just a 3 minute walk.

Unfortunately there is just one shower for all rooms... But if you get up early in the morning you will have it all to yourself. Bathrooms could be a little cleaner.

Tina, Slovenia - Aug 05, 2011
jack, USA - Jul 29, 2011
Nice lady that owns the place. Her english wasn't too great but it was still easy to check-in. Rooms are pretty old. Pretty close to station. Right next to the museum and plenty of fast food and restaurants around the place.
Uriel, Mexico - Jul 27, 2011
Lightly noisy and some roomates which usually lives in there.
Jonathan, USA - Jul 16, 2011
Marlene is very friendly and helpful. Location is ideal, right next to the Atocha train station. Some people wrote that their rooms were noisy; my room was extremely quiet because it did not face the street, the window opened onto the interior courtyard. The room was very inexpensive. The "Aseo" (Bathroom that only has a toilet) was extremely small and made it difficult and uncomfortable to use. The other bathroom was spacious and comfortable. The room was very hot and someone in the household smoked, so there was a cigarette smell that would invade the room sometimes. Fun factor was not an issue for me.
Boris, Bulgaria - Jun 28, 2011
Greatand friendly staff! Good location. Quite hostal, but noisy streets.
Petra, Czech Republic - May 17, 2011
The hostel is really small, just seven double rooms, but perfectly situated, near the Atocha Station. My room was pretty small but clean, good for sleeping-over. Common bathroom was ok and clean. There is no kitchen or fridge but towels and linen were included. The only staff does not speak English but it doesnt matter much. I was given three keys (front door, hostel entry, room) which was very convenient. Overall I liked the place, it is cheap and clean and easy to reach; suitable for sleeping over few days.
Margit, Hungary - May 09, 2011
I'd recommend it
Nevena, Serbia - May 06, 2011
spent there 6 days,cheep, very good location,small rooms, little beet noisy because of the traffic,Marlena-staff was very friendly and helpful
Veronika, Czech Republic - Apr 22, 2011
Windows of our room lead on the street, so there was a lot of nioce from street. But the price is really nice for the location and accomodation. Hostel was clean. Really nice budget hostel.
Agata, Poland - Apr 04, 2011
very nice owners, clean room and facilities, great location. overall very good quality for the price
Magdalena, Poland - Mar 21, 2011
This place is very good located, the atmosphere and the stuff is great. I recommend it.
MARIA, Poland - Feb 27, 2011
The owner of the hostal was very pleasant and helpful, even though she does not speak English. The room was very clear but a little bit small. The overall experience is positive. Good place for one night situated in the city center.
Sabine, Germany - Dec 08, 2010
Perfectly cheap, great position, you can do everything walking. But cigarette holes in the sheets, cigarette smoke in the air, old matress... but well, you can't beat the price!