Stockholm’s riverside views and cobbled streets are fantastic to explore on holiday, but the Swedish capital is not the cheapest. Even average bars are incredibly expensive with small beers costing upwards of €6. However, don’t let the price of alcohol put you off. There are plenty of hidden bars where you can drink cheaply with friends.

Drinking in Stockholm doesn’t have to cost you bundles of cash, and with some clever planning, you can make huge savings. You can get beers for as little as €3 if you know the right places to go. 

Here are five of the cheapest places to go drinking in Stockholm if you’re on a budget. 

Retro Bar & Restaurang

*Image by Let Ideas Compete (Flickr/Creative Commons)

This popular chain bar has four branches in Stockholm and during happy hour (1-8pm) you can get beers for around €3 per glass (29 SEK). Here you can watch live sports all day and drink outside when the weather is hot. It’s the perfect place for backpackers wanting a cheap beer over the summer months.

Where: Sveavägen 120, Sankt Eriksgatan 22, Bondegatan 25 & Hornsgatan 136 


Stockholm’s favourite divey bar is a rickety classic located on Södermalm, near Folkungagatan, Götgatan and Mosebacke. Popular with students, hipsters and football fans, Carmen is the best place to go before a big night out. Opening at 4pm until the early hours, if you want cheap beer, burgers and karaoke, then look no further. 

Where: Tjärhovsgatan 14, 116 21, Stockholm, Sweden

Lion Bars

Lion Bars are a popular Stockholm chain that attract drinkers at all times of the day. If you’re running short of cash, then pop in from 1-8pm and you can get beers or ciders from only 24 SEK. Make sure to arrive early in the afternoon if you want to grab a seat. Kornhamnstorg 61 in Gamla Stan is situated in the old town of Stockholm and has fantastic riverside views.

Where: Fridhemsgatan 34, Långholmsgatan 42, Kornhamnstorg 61, Sveavägen 39 & 74 

Nivå 22

This trendy bar serves a wide range of beers and ciders for around 25-30 SEK. The bar has an underground section and a spacious lounge area upstairs - it’s perfect for travellers looking for somewhere to hang on hot summer nights. 

Where: Fridhemsgatan 17, Stockholm, 112 40

Treat Bar

As the name suggests, you can get a treat or two in this popular joint. Grab your friends and you can get beers from only 24 SEK. It’s one of the few places in Stockholm that you won’t mind buying a round as it’s genuinely affordable, especially before 8pm. 

Where: Roslagsgatan 2, Stockholm