After our fantastic road trip wondering through the Australian landscapes, we wanted to slow down and enjoy a little more of the largest and most populated city, not only of Australia but also all of Oceania.

If you want to know what to do during your stay in Sydney, don't forget to read this article! We bring you all the essential things to do and see in a quick 2 day visit. 


Day 01 - The Essentials

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney emblem couldn't be missed! We've all heard about it, we've all seen it in photographs, series, movies ... can you imagine what it would be like to have it a few meters away? Well, stop imagining it because it's our first mandatory stop!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

If the Sydney Opera House is an icon of the city, this famous bridge is next in line for the throne. The bridge crosses the bay and connects the financial centre with the north coast - an area with a more residential and commercial character.

Pavlova cake

Treat yourself! What is a trip without trying the local culinary delights? At HostelsClub we recommend you try the traditional Pavlova cake, a crispy meringue on the outside and -very- creamy and light inside. At on top, you will find cream and pieces of fruit, usually strawberries or raspberries! 

Day 02 - Australian nature

Royal Botanic Gardens

A beautiful botanical garden of 30 hectares is located very close to the centre of Sydney, east of the popular Opera House. Twenty per cent of its collections correspond to the Australian flora and have been carefully selected for their value, rarity, diversity or interest.

Bondi Beach

A popular beach whose aboriginal name means "water that breaks on the rocks". What better way to finish your trip relaxing on its sands? And with a little luck you will see blue penguins swimming near the shore!

Where to stay in Sydney

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Cover image by Dan Freeman