You can not go to London and do not stop to drink or eat something in one of its famous British pubs. Sure, it's definitely hard to pick one having no idea on where to go, also, there are so many that elect the best pubs in London is not an easy task for sure, but we have tried!

Below are the 4 pubs in London to spend a memorable evening!


The pub The Windsor Castle is located in Nottinghill, London district famous for the eponymous movie and the traditional Portobello Road market. This pub is in complete English style, in addition to the beer, here you can choose from as many as 5 different types of cider.


This pub is located close to the Lancaster Gate Metro Station and extends over two floors. The Swan also reflects very classic style of English pubs, in the evenings there is live music and an atmosphere definitely alive and pleasantly noisy (but if you go upstairs it calms so much).

The food is good here, you should try it!


The Mayflower is perhaps the most famous pubs in London. Inside the decor is made with wood and there is a wonderful view over the Thames that you really can not miss.

The original building dates from the eighteenth century!


The Dove is definitely not a tourist pub, near the banks of the Thames, with light wood tables to sit in the summer while sipping a beer, then if you'll have more time and some money, try to eat here!

So ... which one do you choose?


Cover Photo by Dogancan Ozturan