It is said that Melbourne has the best coffee in the world, so we went there to take a look and we spent some time in town to investigate.

After tasting many coffee and visiting innumerable cafes, without sleeping many nights, we'll tell you which are the 5 best coffee in Melbourne according to us:

Brother Baba Budan

According to legend, Babà Budan was an Islamic who smuggled coffee seeds outside the Middle East, when it was still forbidden. A worthwhile visit, discover this coffee even if you have to cross the entire city, despite strong competition. Coffee is the blend of the seven seeds created by Babà Budan at the time, and a mono-origin coffee is offered daily to regular customers who like to change.

Like the more traditional cafes, there is no kitchen service and there is only a small pastry shop. A small space with a single table of 15 seats and other tables upstairs.

Patricia Coffee Brewers

At Patricia they love twitter and magazines, and it's a small coffee bar with a small corner where you can buy beautiful leather aprons that are the same as those that they wear. Impossible to sit, there are no tables, but there is a beautiful space near the window where you can travel with imagination in the midst of black paints.

The morning is always very full, the perfect time is around 11am.

Cup of truth

Just a few meters from the Princes Bridge, it is right at the entrance of Flinders Street Station and the art-shaped pink tiles still reflect the taste of a past era.

The owners Courtney and Jon have adopted a code of honesty, and in this newyorkese style hole without chairs and tables, but in addition to the best coffee in the neighborhood they boast a variety of very fine and selected tea.

Dukes Coffee Roasters at Ross House

The Dukes Coffee Roasters is the result of the work of a group of friends with the common passion of coffee. From here, they have come to a specialty in the roasting of the world's finest coffee beans with truly innovative methods. Every day there is a different selection of tastings, with recipes that vary depending on the season in which you find it.

Flipboard Cafe

The Flipboard Café smells of wood, because it's all done with it. It seems to be in a tree and inside you feel like sitting in a natural showcase while the world looks at you.

Great coffee and young and quick staff. A great place not only to enjoy something, but well built also to read work or whatever you want to do.

How to say: only good things here!

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Cover Photo By Tim McCartney