Who said that to travel, you need a lot of money? Sometimes you just have to plan well and organize everything with attention, so you can book the flight ticket, the accommodation and all the small purchases you have to do with something in advance.
We want to help you from the first step, or rather in the choice of what are the cheapest cities for backpackers. Here we have 5, so beautiful, so lowcost!


Are you dreaming a few days of vacation in a relaxing and unromantic destination? And maybe also full of culture, but without having to endure long lines? So, what do you think of Krakow? Have you ever thought about visiting this Polish city? Krakow is certainly not one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, even being a medieval jewel with a fascinating history and many wonders. Its reception center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a legend says that the city was born from the ashes of a dragon ... are you curious? Visit Krakow because it is really worth it and if this is not enough, it is also a very, very cheap city!


Are you looking for an exotic destination? Do you like the retro atmosphere and the old cars? Do colorful buildings capture your inmagination? Can not resist salsa and rumba? And if you drool, thinking about enjoying the original Cuba Libre, enjoying a good Cuban cigar? The Cuban capital hides many treasures to discover and it is not easy to talk about all the attractions it can offer. Our advice is to go to Malecon Boulevard, the street that leads to Old Havana (historic center) with the modern neighborhood of Vedado. It is a lively and charming street, full of Cubans, especially during the hot nights. Along the streets of the city there are jugglers, magicians, musicians and other street artists ... Havana is a true outdoor show!


With more than 500 years of life, Lima has a rich history to discover, and due to its origins, the city attracts many visitors every year. Next, there are beautiful "metropolitan" beaches, a varied cuisine and many cultural attractions and shows to learn about Peru better. In Lima reigns the "criolismo" that sees all its expression in the famous procession of the "Lord of Miracles" or the Christ Moreno de Pachacamilla (which is celebrated every year in October). But at other times of the year there are many attractions that should not be missed: there are interesting museums such as the Magdalena or the Gold Museum; There are churches and colonial houses such as San Francisco, La Merced and Torre Tagle Palace; There are archaeological ruins such as Pachacamac, Cajamarquilla El Paradiso and Chilca; There are panoramic landscapes like the Infiernillo, the Chillón and the Cañete River canyons; There are finally thermal baths, such as Churín el Infiernillo, El Chillón and Cannon del Río Cañete.


Imagine being able to experience the magical atmosphere created by the sunset on the city's skyline overlooking the Bosphorus. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and the second largest in Europe (although it is not the Turkish capital!). Despite so many prejudices, it is modern, secular, secular and open to the world ... and, it must be said, it is really economic!


Marrakech is a city with many faces, full of contagious energy and full of incredibly fascinating curves. Do not miss the historic city of Medina, where you can immerse yourself in Moroccan culture and traditions: spices, ceramics, jewelry, carpets ... The heart of Morocco is here and from here you can go on a trip to discover the desert, the coast And the mountain (like the famous Atlas chain, with its highest peaks in North Africa).