Brighton is one of the sunniest cities in Britain, and travelers have partied on its beaches and have walked for centuries. A popular day trip and London weekend getaways, the city on the south coast is sometimes known as "San Francisco of Great Britain" and has an amazing art culture, clubs and gay scene to match.
Summer is undoubtedly the best time to visit Brighton. With the iconic pier in the distance, activities by the sea are mixed with a club culture next to the beach that never sleeps. But you do not have to rely on the hot weather to spend a few good days in Brighton; There are hundreds of things that happen throughout the year, whether it's sunny or not.
To prove it, here are some reasons why this English coastal city is a must see this summer.

Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier captures the best of British coastal culture and here you can eat candyfloss, play the game machines and spend your coins in arcade games. If you want to ride dodgems, drink cider or have some chips with ketchup then you will have gained time. And if you're really in the mood, you can even get married here too!

The Bars of Brighton Beach

Each of Brighton's beaches has its own unique style. Located to the west of the dock, you will find vans and ice cream kiosks in the old fish huts, reconstructed pubs and clubs, in the old fishing places and the boat builders in the Arcos del Camino del Rey.
If you fancy a pint on a boat, after having taken a tour at The Fortune of War (the oldest pub in Brighton facing the sea) or head to The Tempest Inn, a fashionable place with beautiful views of La Mancha , which is perfect for a long afternoon of wine, beer and chips.
Visitors who want to dance and drink rum should head to the Riki Tik Beach Bar, where you can jump into the sea if you are feeling hot.

See a movie on the beach

Brighton's Big Screen is the UK's largest movie theater on the beach. It will show a lot of modern and classic versions throughout August and September, near the palace pier from July 28 to August 28, 2017. There will be bars mounted on the fly, food stalls on the street and a lot of ice cream during the morning sessions and also at night.

Scale of 'British Airways i360'

See Brighton like you've never seen it before when you climb 138 meters into the tallest mobile observation tower in the world. Bring your camera to the crystal display capsule, where you can enjoy 360-degree views across Brighton, the South Downs Coast and, if you're lucky, all the way to the Isle of Wight.

Explore the Royal Pavilion

This exotic palace is located in the center of the city of Brighton and has a remarkable history. The Prince Regent (King George IV) transformed the beach palace in the mid-nineteenth century into one of the most colorful and celebrated buildings in the United Kingdom. The palace is a fabulous place to visit and has a lovely balcony overlooking the pavilion's gardens.

Go shopping in Lanes

If you are looking for something special to take home with you, "The Lanes" offers a wonderful range of independent stores and boutiques."The Lanes" is the historic district of the city, famous for its hidden alleys and curves that you can find just south of the Pavilion Gardens, between North Street and Prince Albert Street.


Where to sleep in Brighton