Halloween weekend, with its traditional celebrations and festivities, is a good time to spend in a city not too far from home - we recommend 3-4 days.

This year, Halloween falls on the weekend, and with a long weekend break from Saturday until Tuesday, there's no excuse to stay home.

Where would you like to spend your Halloween weekend? Here are our suggestions!


How can we not mention London, where streets are transformed during Halloween with people clothed in orange and black, and children going from door to door in search for sweets.

ponte ognissanti londra

London is the ideal destination for lovers of this world famous Anglo-Saxon event, but if you aren't fond of pumpkins and walking skeletons, then the next destinations may appeal to you.

If, however, you can't wait to dress up as a monster, you better not waste time! London is very popular at this time of the year, and beds for under 20 euro are literally flying off the shelves!


Tallinn is a unique city, especially its striking medieval Old Town. It is no coincidence that this city boasts several legends that make even its most hidden corners intriguing. Even here, Halloween is celebrated in style. If you happen to be in Tallinn, don't worry, you certainly wont be bored. 


Hostels in Tallin are very cheap - you can sleep here for less than 15 euro per head!


If you are looking for an original and economical place to go for Halloween, and you don't plan on asking for sweets, then we strongly recommend Belgrade City - especially after discovering its curiosities

ognissanti belgrado

What's more, you can find hostels in Belgrade for less than 10 euros per person!


Ljubljana City presents a more beautiful and economic choice both if you visit it during the Halloween weekend and only a day during the year

Around the city are a number of Halloween parties that you can join in, but for the best atmosphere head along to the famous bridge with its dragon sculptures.


A small note about hostel prices in Ljubljana: for budgets of less than 15 euro per night it will be difficult to find rooms in the centre!


Prague is a stunning city to visit throughout the year, but during Halloween it possesses a very magical atmosphere that is both mysterious and evocative.


At this time of the year the traditional Zombie Night Run takes place. It starts at 17.30 on 29 October, and covers a distance of 5km. If you don't fancy joining in the run, you can always walk and discover some of the quirky and curious thing around the city.

This is a surprisingly cheap city, and you'll probably be amazed to discover that you can find hostels in Prague for only 8 euros per night over the Halloween weekend!


How about spending Halloween on a bike? Copenhagen is definitely a top choice for cyclists, even if there are a lot of other cities to explore by bike, such as Amsterdam, Berlin and Bordeaux.

halloween copenaghen

A fun weekend in Copenhagen can be enjoyed by everyone.


Edinburgh naturally possesses an air of mystery, but on Halloween night the city is transformed - especially near the castle...

ognissanti edimburgo halloween

Hostels are still available in Edinburgh over the Halloween weekend, and its easy to enjoy low cost eating during your stay.