What is your name?:

Alba and Gaspar

How old are you?:

27 years old both.

What place would you consider your home ?:

We are lucky to have 2 homes: Madrid, where we have lived for many years and our city of birth (Alba: Las Palmas de GC - Gaspar: Villanueva de Córdoba).

What kind of travelers are you ?:

Cultural and gastronomic. We are not backpackers but we usually travel light and save everything possible in transportation and accommodation to be able to give us some whims on the trip.

What is the first trip you remember ?:

Alba: Within Spain, Chiclana, a family trip. Outside of Spain, Dublin.

Gaspar: Within Spain holidays on the Costa del Sol with my family. Outside Spain, Geneva.

Our first trip together was to Paris.


Whisch is your favorite transport ?:

The train.

If you had to choose a country, what would it be ?:

Spain, we are left with ours.

And a city ?:

Madrid. We do not imagine living anywhere else.

Which one is your favorite beach ?:

The beaches of the Cies Islands, in Galicia. A true paradise!

What is your favorite food ?:

We love to eat, we could not choose a single favorite food. We like to try the typical dishes of each place that we visit and we do not put any problems to almost anything.

Which is your favorite language ?:

For the language of gestures, which is the only one that has never failed us in our travels to make us understand with everyone.

What is your favorite travel book ?:

"36 hours 125 weekends in Europe", our bedside book to dream about the next getaways.











In how many languages would you like to know how to order a beer ?:

In all! We love beers from all countries.

A difficult one, hamburger or pizza ?:

Burger! We are very carnivorous and hamburgers have taken us out of more than one hurry in our travels.

Are you "fans" of a team ?:

Gaspar will throw red and white colors, it is, Atlético de Madrid

A music group that you would die to see live ?:


Choose two movies: the best and the worst:

Our cinephile tastes are very different, but if we have to agree ... A movie that we both love is The Godfather. And the worst, although we will never admit aloud having seen it, 50 shades of Gray.

Confess ... What song are you ashamed that you like ?:

We are not ashamed of anything! Well, maybe when we jump on the radio the 'Despacito' and we can not help but move and sing it. Although more than the song itself, those of us who give a little bit of shame at that moment are us ...


How, where and when did your adventure start ?:

There by 2014 in Madrid. We met in the most mythical place in the capital, La Puerta del Sol. We started as friends and a few months later, love arose and travel arrived.

Have you visited a place that was completely different to what you expected ?:

We have visited some town in Spain very touristy, but at the same time neglected and without great attractions. Except the gastronomy. Luckily that does not disappoint us in any corner of Spain.

We know that not everything's pink... any bad experiences during your trips ?:

On my trip to Japan (Alba) we caught a typhoon that cost us a whole day of travel. And during those same days I was bitten by lots of mosquitoes and ended up with my face and my back totally burned by the sun. It was a somewhat uneven journey, but it was worth it. It is always worth it.

Tell us the funniest story that ever happened to you!

Well maybe it's not the funniest, but the first anecdote that comes to mind happened to us at the London airport. We approached a counter to acquire the Oyster card to move around the city. The man who attended us was explaining all the details in English, and in the end he asked us if we had been clear or we had some doubt and Gaspar answered him in French! Without having any idea of ​​French ... We stared a while in silence and the 3 we started laughing like crazy. What a slip!

Could you imagine your life without traveling ?:

Do not! Once you start, you get hooked irreparably.

The startings are always hard, what error is the most common among bloggers ?:

Maybe one of the most common mistakes of beginner bloggers is to want to grow very fast, have it all already: thousands of followers, collaborations, sponsorships ... You have to go little by little, enjoying the path and always value the quality over the quantity .

Convene us! Why should people follow your on-line adventures ?:

Because we are ourselves (or at least, we try). We really enjoy our trips and we love to transmit it. Our opinions are always 100% authentic and we will always give you all the help and advice you need. Because we want to give back a little bit of everything they do for us!

Time to give some advice, what would you suggest to aspiring travelers ?:

Enjoy the trip not only while you do it, but also of the preparation and of the later memories. This way the rush will last longer! And when you have the opportunity to travel to the dream destination, do it. Money recovers, but time does not.

If there is one thing that is certain, travel teaches! What lesson have you learned in your escapades ?:

Traveling has given us many lessons that we will not forget: Learning to value what we have, to be brave and dare everything not to regret later, to improvise, not to get angry when things do not go as we want, to be responsible tourists ...

Close your eyes and take a look at the future, where do you see yourselves spending your retirement life ?:

Spending our retirement money on trips!

If you win € 10,000 but you can not spend it on traveling ... what would you do with the money ?:

We would buy a good photographic equipment to immortalize our trips better.

We want to end with a smile, the best memory you have traveling ?:

We are very breakfast and the buffets of the hotels make us crazy. Thanks to a contest we were able to stay in a luxury hotel in Barcelona where they invited us to an incredible one with breads and eggs of all kinds, crepes with fruit and chocolate prepared at the moment, a scandalous coffee menu ... It's thinking about those days and that breakfast and we smile. So you see, we do not have to go far to be happy. Although the magic that we feel stepping on the Giant's Causeway in Ireland, or the childhood feeling that flooded us in Disneyland Paris or live the magic of Christmas in Winter Wonderland (London) are also part of those unforgettable memories that drive us to continue traveling all what time and pocket allows us.
Photos courtesy of facebook / conalgasenlamaleta