Typical Dishes in Marrakesh

If you've ever been to Marrakesh then you're sure to have followed the smelled of spices and sweet tea drifting through the streets, ending up in one of the cities many markets and bazaars, or winding alleys full of street food stalls. The north African city really offers a variety of typical food to try, drawing on a multitude of different flavours and spices to create a truly unique cuisine.

But, where to start? Check out our guide below to make sure you don't miss out on Marrakesh's culinary delights!


Perhaps one of the most famous symbols of Morocco is the bright and colourful Tajine pot. This earthenware pot with a strange conical lid is used to slow cook meat and vegetables and in many ways defines Moroccan and North African cuisine more than anything else. Many different dishes can be made in a Tajine, but slow cooked lamb or beef with vegetables, lentils, chickpeas and spices are usually included. Served with couscous and flatbread, this dish is as wonderful as it sounds. You might even find yourself packing a mini Tajine in your backpack to take home! 

Traditional tajine

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Kebabs are very popular amongst locals in the city and should always be cooked over an open grill. Their smokey flavour and super juicy texture are sure to leave your mouth watering and wanting more. Best eaten straight off the grill, in one of the city's many restaurants, make sure you don't leave the city without trying a real Marrakesh kebab. 


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Sweet Mint Tea

You can't overestimate the importance of sweet mint tea within the Moroccan culture. What coffee is to Italians, Mint Tea is to the Moroccans. This sweet (and we mean sweet) drink is widely drunk across the country, being an integral part of day to day life for many people. Typically served on a silver tray from a silver pot, this traditional drink will be the mintiest and sweetest drink you have ever tried. Perhaps not to everyone's taste, but a must if you are visiting Morocco. If you really love it then you can buy a full Tea set and dried mint leaves to take the flavour home!  

Sweet Mint tea, a must try!

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Orange Juice 

Orange Juice may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Morocco. But with streets covered in orange trees, a refreshing orange juice is perfect after a day spent exploring, especially if you're visiting in the summer. We suggest buying a glass from one of the many stalls across the city; you will receive a freshly squeezed and delicious drink. 

An orange juice stall in the city

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Perhaps not to everyone's taste, but for those of you brave enough to try, snails are a key part of the Moroccan Cuisine. You can either try them in an aromatic soup served with pepper, mint and citrus peel, or simply on their own, but their intense flavour is sure to leave you divided - do love them, or hate them? Regardless, a trip to Marrakesh is not complete without a try, and hey, they are supposed to be good for digestive system too! 

Snails, are you brave enough to try?

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If you have a sweet tooth, then Chebika pastries are not to be missed. They are made with strips of dough that are rolled up into a pretty flower shape, baked, and coated in a sweet syrup made of honey, rosewater, and sesame. These treats are particularly popular during the Ramadan period but are a favourite all year round. Don't but them in the supermarkets! As is nearly always the case in Marrakesh, it's best to buy these direct and freshly made from street stalls, and eat them as you walk along the streets!

Sweet and delicious Chebikas!

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Is your mouth watering already? Can you almost smell the sweet mint tea and Chebika's drifting through the air? Perfect.