Only a few days are missing for Valentine's Day and we do not want you to run out of your gift! This year we propose something different: a trip with your partner. Do you want to know the destinations we have selected for love to triumph this February? Well, do not miss this article!


Scotland is a country that many people consider one of the most romantic in the world, why? Let's start with its lakes, its castles and its medieval cities, and end up with its parks and its natural beauty. If you are looking for the perfect place to declare your love to that special person, think no more, the answer is Edinburgh Castle. If you want to make this February 14 something unforgettable, end the day with a picnic at the Princes Street Gardens.

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If you come to San Francisco on February 14, you will undoubtedly have the funniest Valentine's Day of your life! And it is that at 5:50 pm people gather in the Plaza Justin Herman for a big pillow fight. So do not forget to take yours and get ready for when the clock strikes 6 ... the fun begins!

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Although in Russia Valentine's Day is losing strength, in Moscow and St. Petersburg the festivity continues with good health. In St. Petersburg you can find a few places full of love stories perfect for this day, thanks to its architecture, its rivers, its mountains ... To give you an idea of what we are talking about, we can name the Potseluev Bridge, the Chapel of the Court, the Angel's Patio or Malaya Sadovaya Street.

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How about a romantic boat trip on the canals of Copenhagen? Once back on solid ground you can finish the day with a delicious dinner at the popular Noma restaurant, it will leave you speechless! In addition, you can take advantage of your visit to the Danish city with a trip to Sweden, just 12 km away crossing the Oresund bridge.

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Can you think of something more romantic than a few days on a paradise island? Climb the Mount Batur, bathe at night in the sea, marvel at Tanjung Benoa, discover its traditions in Klung Klung, visit the temples Tenganan and Tirtangangga ... We would have to dedicate an entire article to tell you everything you can do in Bali! A really impressive place ...

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Cover photo by Laura Ockel