What you need:

-Several bladders of Goon (cheap, bad cask wine, usually fruity and acidic. Don't pay more than $9.99 Aussie dollars for 4 litres) -A hills-hoist (rotating adjustable clothes line) -Friends that are willing to get very drunk.


-Peg a Goon bladder to each corner of the clothes line. -Stand everyone in a circle around the clothes line. -Spin the line. Wherever the bladder lands the adjacent person must tip their head back and take an almighty gulp of wine. -Repeat this till the last person is left standing, they are the winner and the biggest alcoholic of the lot. -You are disqualified if you leave to wee, spew- you don't take a drink or you pass out.


Additional rules may be included by silly people to make the game more interesting- as long as there is a consensus between the drunkards. This is often easier said than done. For example, when the circle is down to three, each person must stand on only one leg. Or after the twentieth spin, the person that the bladder lands on must be dacked. Etc. (For the definition of 'dacked' see the Aussie Slang article.)