To play the Spaceballs Drinking Game you will need: A copy of the film and lots of beverages


1.The game begins when the word SPACEBALLS is first legible at the start of the movie and ends when MAY THE SCHWARTZ BE WITH YOU appears at the end.

2.Once the game has begun, watch the movie for the listed events. Each time an event occurs everyone drinks.

3.No need to worry about people successfully operating the VCR since it's only one tape (if you taped it off the air in such a way that you have it on two tapes, you don't need to play the Spaceballs drinking game in the first place)

Drink When: -Someone watching the movie picks up on a gag they never noticed before Drink, twice if no one's ever noticed it before -Anyone curses, twice if it's the priest -Either of Mel Brooks' characters appears (Yogurt/Skroob) -Brooks parodies a movie other than one of the "Star Wars" trilogy -A piece of Spaceballs merchandise appears, twice if it's not in Yogurt's shop -A visual-only gag is on screen ("We Brake For Nobody", "Prison Ball 28",etc.) -Another Mel Brooks movie (or a reference to another Mel Brooks movie) is on screen President Skroob shows his incompetence -Dark Helmet makes a fool of himself, twice if he does it without causing himself personal injury -Colonel Sandurz orders someone to "Prepare to [whatever]" -Helmet insults Sandurz -Helmet uses his ring -Helmet's mask goes up or down, twice when his desert helmet opens or closes -Anyone does the Skroob Salute -Commanderette Zircon catches Skroob at a bad time -Spaceball One is on screen (Mega-Maid counts), twice if you see it in its entirety -Pizza the Hutt is on screen