A dorm (abbreviation of dormitory) is a room containing multiple beds - often bunks - which can be booked individually by different guests; you basically pay only for your bed rather than for the whole room


Dorms are also called shared rooms, since you share the room with other guests. Dorms can fit from 4 to 20 or more beds and some hostels have separate dorms for males and females, while others do not make a difference and offer mixed dorms.

Please note, people under 18 normally cannot stay in a dorm, no matter if they are travelling with an adult or not.


Dormitories are always cheaper than private rooms and are more suitable for easy going and laid back travellers since you share the same room with other room-mates who may have different habits than you like going to sleep or waking up earlier or later than you do or snoring.


Dorms are often great fun, since it’s much easier to get to know fellow travellers if you share the same room! After all, you may lack of privacy but on the other end you will enjoy of many more social advantages by sharing.


While back in the years hostels traditionally offered mainly dorms, most hostels now also offer private rooms, which usually have 2 to 4 beds and are sometimes even equipped with  private toilet and shower. In this case, staying in a hostel is like staying in an ordinary hotel, except for the social aspects of sharing and of communal moments (breakfast, evening, etc.)


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