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in Xàtiva

La Maga Rooms*

C/ Almas 56 - 60 - Xàtiva, 스페인
숙소유형: 호텔*
In la Maga Rooms we offer special rates for people on holidays and companies that need to accommodate a team of groups or an employee that needs to stays in Xàtiva for a period of time. Hosting plans range from the simple to the full board accommodation, with the possibility to customize schedules. 상세정보 »
40303.06 KRW
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Casa del Cigroner

calle santo domingo 26 - Xàtiva, 스페인
숙소유형: 호스텔
Casa del Cigroner is a hostel located in the center of the city. It is a manor house of the eighteenth century very transformed, consisting of ground floor, two noble plants and cambra. With a central courtyard and a modernist lobby, with elements added in the 20th century. 상세정보 »
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