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  • 2 days trip from Rotterdam
    Do you want to know Rotterdam but just have two days? No problem! Here you have the perfect plan for you to no miss anything about this amaing city. And, if after this mini-holidays you want to know more about The Netherlands, don't miss the best coffee shops of Amsterdam or the 5 reasons to visit Hague. Let's travel! Day 1 San Lorenzo church The old cathedral of Rotterdam is the only ...
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  • Frequently asked questions about hostels
    How long can I stay in a hostel? Some hostels might have maximum stay restrictions and won’t allow you to stay longer than a couple of weeks, since the idea of hostelling is that people are travelling across a country, and not staying in the same place all the time. However many others will not mind if you stay longer: at the end of the day you are still their customer! As some hostels ...
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