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La Rosa dei venti

Via Cafarella - Îles Éoliennes, Italie

Directions (how to arrive at the hostel) / Comment arriver à l'auberge:

Take a few steps are exiting the bus, a 15 minute walk down to the sea of Capo Faro, are at 3 km from Malfa and Santa Marina, 10 km from the famous Bay of Pollara.
From Milazzo:

Salina can be reached year-round daily with the ship's traghettoo Siremar or NGI also every day is connected with many races during the day of the hydroplane Siremar and Ustica Lines.

From Reggio Calabria and Messina:

there are hourly trips to Hydrofoils Ustica lines throughout the year, only two per day in winter, more races in the summer.

From Naples:

Siremar with ships all year round with two times a week in winter and Finbar to six times a week in summer Ustica Lines hydrofoil or Snav only in summer (01.06-20-09) with one or two trips a day.

From Palermo to Cefalu:

During summer (15.06-15.9) with Hydrofoils Ustica Lines with two trips a day. In winter with three times a week.

Nearby airports:

- Reggio Calabria: From the airport there is a bus to Messina in connection with the flights, about 50 km from Messina then Ustica Lines hydrofoil to Salina, since there are few races from Messina to the Aeolian Islands, it is recommended once arrive at Messina always go by bus to Milazzo (30 km) where they are much more frequent over the Hydrofoils, Siem and Ustica Lines.

- Catania is 150 km from Milazzo, from April to October there is a direct bus to the port of Milazzo.

- Palermo: Ustica Lines hydrofoil departing hourly from the port, which is about 20 Km, 220 Km away from Milazzo

By car:

Ports of embarkation for cars with the ship in Naples to Salina are Siremar, multiple weekly and Milazzo to Navi Siremar and NGI Summer season (there is no limitation to land the car)