HostelsCentral is part of the HostelsClub booking network. Our goal is to provide all hostellers and backpackers with information about hostels, travel advices and the possibility to book online a bed in the destination of your choice.


We provide online bookings for selected budget accommodation providers located in the most interesting destinations worldwide. HostelsCentral bookings are guaranteed and you only need to pay an advanced 10%-deposit on the total cost of your booking.


In order to make a booking, you need a valid credit card: we currently accept Master Card, Visa, Visa Electron, Diners, American Express, Aura and JCB. The payment is carried out through a secure encrypted connection meaning your personal details and credit card number are securely handled.


When selecting a country, a city and a date from the search interface located in the middle of the page, you will be taken to HostelsClub’s reservation system server and you will be shown all properties in the selected city that have available rooms for the chosen dates


In order to keep a high standard of customer satisfaction and to ensure that all HostelsCentral customers are fully satisfied with their stay, hostels and hotels are carefully selected and verified. Customer complaints are taken seriously and followed up accordingly; in case of unsatisfactory service, properties may even be removed from our booking network.


You are free to cancel your booking if you have to, however our cancellation policy is that you are able to cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before the date of your arrival. Please note that this period starts 24 hours before the DATE of your arrival NOT YOUR ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TIME. In some cases, given different time zones, this could be up to 48 hours before your arrival date.

Most hostels will charge you a cancellation fee of the cost of the first night’s accommodation for a No Show or a cancellation within less than 24 hours notice. However, each hostel has their own cancellation policy. Please contact them in the case of a cancellation to verify their terms.

The 10% advanced deposit remains non-refundable  


For further information, please contact us at the following e-mail address: