HostelsCentral is part of the HostelsClub online hostels booking network, which serves online bookings to over a 26.000 structures worldwide. The Hostelsclub booking network provides online bookings to over 800,000 visitors every month (figures correct as of May 2016).

If you own or manage a hotel, a hostel, a guest house, etc., all you need to do to join this network and start receiving bookings for your structure is to fill in a simple form you can find by clicking here.

Our staff will contact you and instruct you on the simple procedures required to enter your administrative interface and insert the rooms you want to allocate with us and the prices for each bed, and insert detailed information fields about your structure (pictures, facilities, etc.).

Once this information has been entered, your structure will be featured in our 20+ affiliate sites and you will start receiving bookings from new customers from all over the world: all you will need to do then is to check regularly your e-mail for new bookings and check them in your back office with a simple procedure, then wait for the arrival of your newly acquired customers!!


For further information, please contact us at the following e-mail address: