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Hotel Zara **

Via Firenze 81 - Naples, Italy
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Jenny, Germany - Jun 17, 2013
very nice owners, nice rooms. of course, it's only a hostel and not super quiet and not everyone may like naples and it's vivid railway quater where many poor people make a living in marginalized businesses. but we enjoyed it with a group of 20 students.
Wiwan, Thailand - Apr 03, 2010
Good hotel. Nice staff. Recommened!
Riccardo, Italy - Sep 24, 2009
Excellent price for the quality offered. Hotel is very clean and quite, closed to the main train station, perfect for visiting the city and take the train to Pompei. Staff very very nice!!!!Next time in Naples I will stay there again.
Isabel, Spain - Sep 04, 2009
The hotel is in a dirty and ugly area (next piazza garibaldi) but the hotel itself is clean, friendly and very nice. It is a good place to be for some days to explore Naples, it is 5 minutes from the train station and 15/20 minutes walking to the main sightseeing places.
Lillian, USA - Feb 22, 2009
Reception is too loud. I couldn't sleep the entire night. Guests are not encouraged to stay in their rooms during night hours. My only complaint would be the noise.
Barbora, Czech Republic - Aug 04, 2008
It was nice, clean, small hotel. There is only one bad thing i find..paper wall
Kylie, Australia - Jul 12, 2008
While it was close to the train station and the airconditioning worked well, it wasn't the greatest. The shower sprayed everywhere but down and there weren't many places to eat in the area.
Hristo, Bulgaria - Aug 27, 2007
Hotel is near train station (walk for 5 min.), but not very close to other sights of the town. District is not very pleasant, particular after sunset.

Staff is not very useful.

Valérie, France - Aug 27, 2005
Very confortable hotel, very close to the train station. The shared room is very nice. I'll definitely go back there if I go to Naples again!
Linda, Canada - Aug 19, 2005
Nice, clean hotel. Staff does not speak English that well and at times are not helpful. Near the train station which is NOT a nice area of town, for a female not somewhere you would want to walk alone!
Tania, England - Aug 01, 2005
Hotel Zara is twinned with hotel cassanova where we ended up. Really nice hotel, free net, clean, friendly staff. The area and outside of the hotel really put us off at first, it looks so dodgy, but inside is lovely and the next day, we realised the whole of Naples is like that! dirty noisy etc! no joke! worth seeing tho, & if you're coming here I highly recommend this hotel.
Michele, USA - Jun 17, 2005
Hotel Zara is very nice. It is an actual hotel, not a hostel, so you get clean towels everyday and all that other hotel jazz. They have kind of converted one of the rooms into a dorm room. It is very clean and the staff there is very friendly.

Overall, I would recommend Hotel Zara if you can get a reservation.