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Amsterdam Hostel Leidseplein

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 79 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Daniel, Brazil - May 20, 2019
very expensive for the poor service, puts 12 people in a small room and a bathroom in the middle of the room where the door is broken and the bathroom dirty.
anonymous, England - Jun 25, 2014
So they did not say that it is a building site currently. Fumes going into the hostel can be dangerous and they should warn people. Staff were really creepy, as two girls travelling we definitely did not like it. Was such a rip off. Would not recommend but it is in a good location.
Venancio, Mexico - May 06, 2014
It has been a good experience, in fact I really liked, if I would go to Amsterdam this hostel would be the chosen one
anonymous, Spain - Sep 09, 2013
The status of the bathroom is a lack of respect for the people. Not only my room, but also visited other rooms and they were having same conditions. Furthermore, only 1 shower for each 10 people!, and with the WC included in the same spacefloor, so, the use of the shower excludes the use of WC for 10 people...!
Luis, Peru - May 21, 2012
Nice place, good location. Recomended