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Scream House

viale monza 111 - Milan, Italy
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Liliya, Belarus - Jul 15, 2019
Great location 5 mins away from a subway station, the staff is friendly and made me a new bed downstairs for free (the first night they were all occupied and I had to sleep on the upper one). The only thing you have to be cautious about are thieves - my breakfast and iPhone cable got stolen. The original Apple cable was replaced by an old broken one which didn't work and the only thing left of my food in the fridge was the package.
anonymous, Spain - Apr 08, 2019
The owner does not stop disrespecting customers, when I told her that this could not be, she threw me out of the hostel and left me with my bags on the street. I have never encountered anything like it and I have traveled all over the world.
anonymous, Poland - Feb 26, 2019
A very unpleasant person running this hostel. She had a big grudge against me that I arrived late, although I had anticipated it in the email attached to the booking. She added some additional costs to my account, which were not included in my booking, some special entry fees. As it was late, I had to agree. A grim and unpleasant place, just like its owner. I do not recommend.
DZMITRY, Belarus - Oct 20, 2017
Terrible place, stinks, staff is inadequate, seems like beggars' hang-out, ugly conditions
anonymous, Egypt - Sep 17, 2016
it is good, but rooms are hot and fans are not good
anonymous, England - Aug 16, 2016
Average hostel but good value for money if you're wanting a cheap hostel
Ángela, Spain - Apr 19, 2016
Dont go. Horribol, 3 badrooms at all, not hoy warter and quite expensive!!
Kristina, Ukraine - Mar 05, 2016
Normal hostel for such price. But staff should be more polite to ppl and to this world.
anonymous, Colombia - Feb 23, 2016
My bed wasnt even made when I got in my tiny 4beds room. Got up very early the following day to run away from that place. Not a good place to stay.
anonymous, Mexico - Dec 20, 2015
It is a very good deal. Even there is not beakfast; just around the corner you can find a really good tasty (and cheap) restaurant
Andrea, Italy - Nov 09, 2015
I dont know why people complain so much about this hostel. It isnt certainly a party hostel but it is super clean and conveniently located! Angela is great!!
anonymous, France - Sep 22, 2015
The staff is borderline regarding politeness. I hated the way they receive you starting at the gate as if you are suspicious even of it's 4 pm and that you announced your arrival about that time. I hated also the additional fees for the linen written in small characters. If they are mandatory, why you don't include them right away in the advertised price... very poor kitchen. Over all it is more than ok.
Alejandro, Mexico - May 19, 2015
Really nice place to stay. Helpful staff and you find food stores pretty near.
anonymous, Malaysia - Apr 30, 2015
Overall, it is good
anonymous, Austria - Apr 21, 2015
rooms were clean but very small, shower and toilet not seperated, kitchen utensils like oven were not to use because of damage, sitting in the kitchen and joking and laughing during lunch is not welcome, you have to be quiet, accessible 24h
emmanuelle, France - Mar 13, 2015
Auberge assez propre en fonction du moment de la journée. Perso simpa qui parle très bien anglais. Dommage que il faille prendre un métro sur plusieurs stations pour aller en ville

anonymous, Poland - Nov 06, 2014
Very cheap, close to metro station, nice service, I recommend
anonymous, Pakistan - Sep 15, 2014
a lot of hidden costs and the owner is a bit rude and strict. plus the cleaning lady stole our toiletry.
anonymous, Poland - May 14, 2014
The hostel is located near subway- about 3 minutes!So you have a god connection with a city center ;) Nearby there is a carrefour and some smaller shops and restaurants. The receptionist is very kind- she'll tell you a lot about the city. The only inconvnience are shaky,creaky two-storey bed.
chia-hua, Taiwan - Mar 03, 2014
stuff very helpful,always love to give a hand,nice nice lady
caio, Brazil - Feb 24, 2014
Good place, very good localization, price is nice and the local is clean.

But the staff would be more friendly and stop to smoke next to the bedrooms when all the hostel`s windows are close.

Sibel, Netherlands - Jan 06, 2014
A clean and good organized hostel. Close to a metro-station and open 24/7.

One big + is that they had many plugs to charge your phone etc. (which is definitely not common in hostels!)

Shun Kwan, Netherlands - Dec 01, 2013
cheap price, good location that near underground, nice staff, have kitchen, shower room is clean
anonymous, Czech Republic - Oct 29, 2013
Everything was all right, I would recommend this hostel, but ladies, don't sleep in the mixted dorm with men because they snore !!!
anonymous, Japan - Oct 03, 2013
Terrible. Wanna scream with anger. The staff kept me outside in rain half an hour till check-in. I was told I had to pay in cash because the fuckin transaction machine was kaput. Situated in a dangerous district. Welcome to hell mate.
anonymous, Romania - Oct 02, 2013
Well positioned: quick acces to the metro station, close to Milano Centrale.

Only 2 bathrooms - sometimes you have to wait to take a shower

anonymous, Hungary - Sep 04, 2013
The hostel was quite good, but the staff was not too friendly and they SMOKED in the hostel and let the guests to do also!!
anonymous, Denmark - Aug 08, 2013
Was okay - staff could have been nicer and more welcoming, however, the place was cool with good guests and quite close to the center of Milan. Would definitely reccommend it, because of the price.
kATY, Italy - Jun 14, 2013
Good quality for this equipped Hostel! The only one problem is the staff: the owner (a young girl) is very kind, friendly, positive and if she can she helps everybody to feel confortable.. The woman who stays during the night is really the opposite, noisee person, she doesn't speak she screams till a half past one in the night even if guests are sleeping and sleeps till 8 in the

Morning! :-( the image of this Hostel can't be positive with person like her.. And this is a pity!

The owner's reply
Grazie Katy :)
Anne, Germany - May 10, 2013
Very nice stuff! Everything was realy clean! Don't book breakfast, althoug the homepage told us so there is none! :) Smoking in the corridors seems do be allowed. The kitchen is well equipped. There is a metrostation nearby. We were very glad to stay at the scream house!
filippo, Italy - Jan 05, 2013
a nice place, but remember you MUST take the Metro to arrive...because is very far from the central station if you go by walk. it remains a nice place
Anna, Ukraine - Jan 02, 2013
It would be a perfet hostel, as it is cheap and rather clean if it was notfor the staff.

It is enough that they yelled at us when we wanted to clear up some financail issues, but they also put us into the wrong room and never corrected their mistake or gave us back the difference between our room and the one that we sould have lived in.

I would NOT recommend this hostel, as it could be a stressful, unpleasant experience in Milan.

Maël, France - Oct 16, 2012
I booked a 6 bed dormitory and they gave me a bed in a 8 bed dormitory. The bathroom was really dirty with mould on the walls, and hear everywhere. No real hot water when I took a shower. Staff not so friendly. Noisy. It was not a nightmare but I didn't have a good time there. Location is really good, close to the subway and only few stops fawar ay from the center. The price was correct.
Wolfe, Canada - Aug 04, 2012
Decent for the price but the free breakfast was total crap (soggy crackers, nasty pastries and cold coffee). Also there is not much in terms of hang-out area. It was pretty confusing to actually get it in the building for the first time as well, you have to buzz in the front gate and then find the entrance on the side of the building... took me a good 10 minutes lol. Nice staff though and it was pretty clean.
Raphael, Germany - Jun 30, 2012
awesome staff and hosteldesign( scream house fits perfectly)
Jasmin , Germany - Jun 18, 2012
Cannot recommend it, because the rooms are very stinky and the beds were not good either.
Nayvi, Mexico - May 21, 2012
Very nice place to stay, the persons who attends are always so nice, they also keep you a city's map if you don't have one, they're so friendly.
Cuiqing, Germany - Mar 15, 2012
staff smoking in the hostel...
Francisca, Portugal - Feb 23, 2012
The door was really hard to find but the general location is pretty good, close to metro. The breakfast is really simple but pretty good too. The beds are not great (no ladder to get to the top bed) and you only get a small blanket. The rooms have no key and there are only 2 bathrooms for everyone, so, sometimes you have to wait to go there... I guess it's what you can expect for that price and it is quite bearable :)
Soile, Finland - Feb 14, 2012
Beds were bad, otherwise ok. People made the stay much better.
Renato, Portugal - Feb 11, 2012
for 10 euros we can ask for more!
Dorota, Poland - Feb 10, 2012
Very good hostel for its price.
Sinae , South Korea - Jan 28, 2012
The only reason I chose this hostel was that it was close to the central station. I had to take the airport shuttle very early in the morning and it seemed very close and cheap. The hostel is not too bad considering such a cheap price but to be honest, it's not that close to the station. It took me 30 mins on foot to get the station and about 10 mins by metro but you have to change once for the metro. Staff are very friendly and nice though!!
Pablo, Mexico - Jan 09, 2012
It was ok, very good location, beds are a little small (at least for me 1.82m) great roomies, the girls were very cute =)
marian, Spain - Jan 09, 2012
Very clean and very nice hostel!!! Perfect!!!
Renata, Brazil - Dec 16, 2011
O hostel fica um pouco afastado da estação ferroviária de Milano Centrale, para chegar até ele é necessário pegar o metro na linha verde até a estação Loreto e depois pegar a linha vermelha até a estação Rovereto aí fica a poucos metros. O rapaz da recepção foi super simpático, me explicou como funcionava a internet, o breakfast (bem farto e variado), os banheiros, as chaves e também como eu deveria me locomover de metro pelos principais pontos turístico que é SUPER FÁCIL. Paguei 3,50 euros para um bilhete de 24 horas que dá direito a acesso a todas as linhas (verde, amarelo, vermelha e azul). O hostel é um pouco barulhento, pois fica perto da passagem da linha dos trens.
Natalya, Russia - Nov 26, 2011
Quite good hostel! The place is really comfortable, close to the metro, so close to the centre, close to Carrefour)) There is a kitchen availible for making tea or coffee, at least. Clean and warm (what is important at the end of novembre)!))
Marija, Latvia - Nov 18, 2011
was fine...for 1 or 2 nights is good.was a litle bit noisy( neighbour from Poland were very loud)
Renata, Poland - Oct 16, 2011
Very nice, bedrooms could be bigger, but for 4 people (we have 6 beds-room) was okay. Localication very good. Maybe 5min waking to get to metro station Rovereto which is about 4 stops to Duomo. I deffinitly recommend it!!
NASTASSIA, Belarus - Sep 26, 2011
I liked this hostel very much, everything was very clean, and there was even Breakfast included in the price!!! awesome!! i reccomend this place to all my friends who will visit Milan. Thank you for such a wonderful place. Anastasia