We have already spent a weekend in Lisbon and 2 days in Rotterdam ... this time we travel to Oslo to enjoy the Norwegian city 24 hours a day.

If you want to know what not to miss during your trip, do not stop reading and prepare the suitcase: we're taking off!

The Spikersuppa pond

The most remarkable feature of this pond is undoubtedly that you can enjoy it differently depending on the time you go. During the warmer months, why not lie on the grass to rest for a while? When winter arrives, do not think it is less special! The temperatures are so low that the water freezes and the pond turns into an ice skating rink, so rent some skates and have fun!

The Grand Hotel

A prestigious luxury hotel that is not only impressive on the outside, but also of great historical importance, since each year the Nobel Peace Prize laureate is lodged and in whose café the Norwegian playwright and poet Henrik Ibsen used to take his Coffee every morning.

The Grünerlokka neighborhood

Flea markets, colorful houses, street art ... walking around Grünerlokka is quite an experience! And it is that the most hipster district of Oslo is at least a visit. Cafes, pubs and second-hand shops compete for prominence in its streets. If you continue walking until you reach the Akerselva River you will discover old factories transformed into shops, restaurants and cafeterias.

The Oslo Opera

On the banks of the fjord is the largest building in the country, with 38,500 m2. Perhaps the most curious thing about that building-sculpture is that you can climb to its roof and enjoy unbeatable views. Do not miss the guided tours to discover all the secrets of this architectural work of art.

Where to stay in Oslo

Anker Apartment

Sven Bruns Apartments

Anker Hostel



Cover photo by Tiare Balbi