If we have left you with good taste thanks to the coffee shops in Hanoi and have fun discovering everything you can do in Bali, you can not miss this week's article.

We do not leave Asia and we go to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, in the south of the country. Today we know Colombo ... in a single day! Do not miss anything because surely you're interested.

Pettah Market

A set of narrow cobbled streets that make up the largest bazaar in the city. Here you will find many stalls and shops that fill the area with color, smell, sound and a lot of life! We recommend to buy local products, such as gold, spices, music and, perhaps, try some of its Ayurvedic medicine.

National Museum

A good trip must always have some culture! Breathe pure art thanks to the oldest museum in Colombo, opened in 1877. Here you will find a huge collection of antiques and local objects, coming from all over the island. Take the opportunity to visit the National History Museum to learn more about its fauna and flora.

Galle Face Green

Are you hungry? We have the ideal solution! Come to the Galle Face Green, an esplanade overlooking the sea that, during the weekends, is full of people and food stalls. This is also the place where the locals come to relax, fly kites, picnics or playing cricket.

Zoological gardens Dehiwala

Surround yourself with nature before leaving the island! These gardens contain a wide variety of fauna and flora from all around the world. Birds, reptiles, mammals ... and fish from all corners of the island, of course! With the entrance you have the right to also for visit the aviary, the aquarium and the butterfly park.

Gangaramaya Temple

A 2,000-year-old Buddhist temple that sits on the waters of Lake Beira, next to the so-called Slave Island. One of the main attractions of the temple, is the Sacred Tree Bo, in which it is believed that Buddha meditated. For get to it, you must cross a wooden bridge.

Where to sleep in Colombo

Do not think we've forgotten! Here you have a list of hostels in Colombo for you to have a perfect vacation:

Clock Inn Colombo

VJ City Hotel **

Ranjit's Ambalama  



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