After living Krakow as if we were from there and knowing perfectly where to stay in Warsaw, today we travel to Poznan, to know the delicacies that this city of Poland offers us.
Polish cuisine has strong influences from Slavic, German, Turkish, Hungarian, Jewish and French cuisine. Creating a truly delicious cultural mix Normally, their dishes are strong and with a strong flavor, although not spicy.
Come and eat with us and do not forget your great glass of beer to accompany!


If you thought that gnocchi were only eaten in Italy, you were wrong; In Poznan there is also a great tradition, but they are called szagówki or kulanki. Small pieces of raw potato dough and flour. Take them alone or with some sauce!
Pyry z gzikiem

In Poznan, as in all Poland, there is a great fondness for potatoes. In this dish they are boiled, unpeeled and coated with butter, cottage cheese and onion. A typical regional dish that will not disappoint you, simple and delicious!

Rogale marcińskie

The elaboration of the croissants of San Martín goes back to the XIX century. Its dough is made of puff pastry and yeast and are filled with white poppy seeds. If you're in Poznan on November 11, you have to try them! Since it is tradition to eat them during the Independence Day of Poland.

Where to sleep in Poznan

We want you to enjoy your trip to the fullest! For this reason, we have selected for you those that we believe are the best Poznan hostels at the moment. Take a look!

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