Here we go cat lovers, this one's for you.

We know that leaving behind your fluffy overlord when you go travelling is pretty heartbreaking, so we’ve picked out some Hostels that will make the separation a little more bearable. From cat-themed hostels and hostels with resident cats (that secretly manage the hostel itself) to hostels that welcome cats with open arms, you can be sure that you can get your kitty-fix even when you are travelling. We just can’t guarantee that you won’t get the death stare from your four-legged friend when you get home :)

Best Hostels for cat lovers

You can tell that the Cat’s Chill Out Hostel in Madrid, Spain, is the place to be just from their logo. Here, you can relax in true regal kitty style, as the hostel is located in an 18th-century palace. With a variety of room sizes, including twin rooms and dorms, and an amazing internal courtyard and rooftop terrace, you can be sure to make the most of your time in Madrid. They even have a big sign that asks.. are you a cat? Perhaps I was in a previous life, you think to yourself...

Cat's Chil out hotel for cat lovers

The Cat’s in Space Hostel in Thailand has also taken the kitty decor to the next level. With giant cat murals, stuffed cats, and even some real cats on the premises, this party is the place you want to be. Just take a look at their picture below, and I think you will get the idea of what this hostel is about! 

Cat's In Space

Some Hostels have taken the worldwide cat obsession to new levels, such as the Stray Cat Hostel in Costa Rica (yes, it’s really called that), with funky but slightly strange artwork that covers the walls of the property done by both artists and guests, including, of course, some cats (how many cat you spot in the picture below?!). But with a 24-hour reception, and free all-you-can-eat-breakfast, what’s not to love?

Stray Cat Hostel for cat lovers

The Las Vegas Hostel Cat also has decided that cat murals are their decor, and promise to make each guests time in the famous American city as great as it can be. Each night they have a different organised activity, such as drinking games, pub crawls and even pool parties! All the rooms have bathrooms within the rooms, there is free luggage storage and wifi, along with free tea and coffee.

Las Vegas Hostel Cat for cat lovers

Perhaps cat themed hostels are not enough for you. And that’s okay, because there are also hostels that have real, fluffy, resident cats. Take the Cocomama Hostel in Amsterdam, a boutique hostel right in the centre of Amsterdam. With private and shared rooms (all en-suite) and a common lounge area (with free Nintendo and wifi) you can be sure to love this hostel - even more so when you discover their resident kitty, Joop (shown below)!

Cocomama Amsterdam for cat lovers

Photo: Stephanie P.

Oh, and while you’re in Amsterdam you can visit the Cat Cabinet Museum, to see artworks of cats by famous artists, and there are even cats running around the place! And hey, your own cat is far away, so they will never have to know that you fell in love with another kitty, even if it was only temporarily.

Best Hostels for cat lovers

Still not convinced? Has your cat crawled into your suitcase, and refused to leave? Not to worry - we have the perfect solution for you. Hostels that allow pets to travel with you! That’s right, you can now sleep next to your cat during all your travels, so you and your best friend never have to be apart.

If you have got to that point in your life, then we suggest you check out the Meininger Hostels a budget hotel and hostel chain with properties across Europe, that allow your pets in the rooms with you, for just 10 euro per animal per day! Just make sure you book a private room and you are set to go! Of course, you need to bring your own litter tray and kitty food :)

Meinger Hostels for cat lovers

So there you have it cat lovers, you have no excuse not to go out and explore the world around you, kitty in tow or not!


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